Submission phase  
Aug 23 '07Sep 12 '07
Hybrid phase  
Sep 12 '07Sep 19 '07
Finals phase  
Sep 19 '07Sep 27 '07

About the Submission phase

During the Submission phase, entries may be submitted in any language pair, per contest restrictions. Contestants are allowed to edit their entries until the end of the Submission phase.

At the end of the Submission phase, all language pairs with submitted entries will be "paused" for review by the contest administrator.

About the Hybrid phase

During the Hybrid phase, individual language pairs can be placed in any of the Submission, Qualification, or Finals phases, depending on how many entries have been submitted.
  • Pairs which received fewer than 3 entries during the Submission phase will likely be placed in an "extended submission" period. If at least 3 entries are eventually submitted, the pair will be moved forward to the Finals phase.
  • Pairs which received between 3 and 7 entries will likely be placed directly into the Finals phase, where site users who list that language pair in their profile may vote for what they feel are the best entries.
  • Pairs which received more than 7 entries will likely be placed into the Qualification phase, where site users rate and tag entries in an effort to determine a smaller pool of entries which should move forward into the Finals phase.

About the Finals phase

During the Finals phase, all language pairs which have received at least 3 entries will be open for site users to vote for what they feel are the best entries. Pairs with fewer than 3 entries will not be able to have a winner determined.

At the end of the Finals phase, votes will be tallied by site staff, and winners in each pair will be announced.
Competition in this edition of translation contests is finished.

Congratulations and thanks to all the members who participated and all the users that have actively voted in this Fourth Translation Contest. In particular, congratulations to the winners! You will find the winners below, as well as links to all language pairs that qualified. There is also a possibility to leave feedback and suggestions about the contest. In addition, the page corresponding to each language pair contains all the qualified entries plus room for specific feedback and comments.

The language pairs that did not qualify are also listed below. In those entries where the poster has chosen to publish their entry and receive comments from colleagues, you may add a note in the space provided.

To learn more about this contest, go to this forum announcement.

Contest winners

Winners have been announced in 44 language pairs.

English to Czech

6 entries
Entry #2236
Entry #2369
Pavel Blann
Pavel Blann
चेक गणराज्य

English to Finnish

4 entries
Entry #2093
Satu Ilva
Satu Ilva

French to English

26 entries
Entry #1600
Rowan Morrell
Rowan Morrell

German to Dutch

3 entries
Entry #1918
Miet Ooms
Miet Ooms

German to Russian

6 entries
Entry #1487
Rodica Iovu
Rodica Iovu
Entry #1571

Italian to English

11 entries
Entry #1978
Claire Titchmarsh (X)
Claire Titchmarsh (X)

Spanish to English

47 entries
Entry #1423
Paul Lambert
Paul Lambert
संयुक्त राज्य अमरीका