professional guidelines for translators, interpreters and translation companies

Global trade and the spread of ideas and knowledge would not be possible without the skilled work of professional translators, interpreters and translation companies. The following guidelines, created by members of the community to encourage a focus on quality and professionalism among buyers and suppliers of language services, may optionally be endorsed by professionals and companies using the site.

Endorsement and adherence to these guidelines is a requirement for participation in the Certified PRO Network (CPN).

Professional translators, interpreters and translation companies:

General guidelines

Project guidelines

Outsourcing guidelines

Additional guidelines

Professional interpreters additionally:

This is version 1.3 of the guidelines. It is the version currently in use.

Endorsement of the guidelines is a requirement for participation in the certified PRO network. Evidence of having acted in violation of the guidelines is grounds for dismissal from that program.

A total of 45322 professionals have endorsed the professional guidelines. (5 have endorsed over the past day.)

A total of 14843 professionals have endorsed this version. (5 over the past day.)