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ProZ.com सम्मेलन वैयक्तिक रूप से नेटवर्किंग, प्रशिक्षण, चर्चाएं, प्रस्तुतिकरणों, पेशेवर विकास और सामाजिक मेलजोल के लिए अवसर प्रदान करता है जिनको सम्मेलन के लक्ष्यों में समझाया गया है: ProZ.com सम्मेलन - सीखना, नेटवर्किंग और मस्ती!
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आपके क्षेत्र में प्रशिक्षण के द्वारा अपने बाज़ार में नवीनतम औज़ारों की अद्यतन जानकारी रखें।

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What attendees say about ProZ.com Conferences

ProZ.com Netherlands Conference 2009

Excellent - an opportunity to put faces to names that previously were just e-mail contacts. Lots of information - some of it old (but reassuring confirmation of existing practices), some of it new (food for thought and possible implementation as part of future practices)!
Jamie Lingwood

II Congrès annuel de ProZ.com en France - Paris 2008

Last November's ProZ.com conference in Paris was the first one I signed up for but I'm sure it won't be the last. The overall quality of the speakers was excellent, the topics covered were well chosen and the mix of freelancers and translation companies in attendance proved to be really enriching (not only but also in the crassly materialist sense). What really stood out was the enthusiasm and professionalism of the team that put the whole thing together. In particular, Anne Diamantidis gave a cracking presentation of ProZ itself - a perfect cure for translator's cynicism....
Tony Walters

ProZ.com Regional Conference - Edinburgh

This conference was the most homogeneous I have ever attended: everyone was a freelancer. Naturally, there are benefits and disadvantages to any mix, but this was extraordinary, in that you knew that whoever you spoke to, there would be a fundamental defining feature in common. (...) here was a conference by and for and with direct counterparts.
Alan Tolerton
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What sponsors say about ProZ.com Conferences

We attended the Budapest Conference as a first time sponsor. There was always a big crowd around our booth and we were able to distribute 150 evaluation copies of our software. From an attendees perspective we felt the conference was well organized with lots of opportunities to network.

Gyorgy Elkes, LEG Kft.
LEG is a Distributor of Kilgray’s MemoQ Translation Software.

As a sponsor at the Proz.com conference in Edinburgh Scotland, SDL Trados felt that there was a great buzz and energy at the conference. It was very well attended, and it gave SDL Trados the chance to communicate directly and meet face to face with a large number of potential customers. It has been very exciting to be part of ProZ.com conferences, and to be able to announce to such a relevant audience the future SDL Trados plans while receiving first hand feedback from the translators community. We definitely plan on involvement in future ProZ.com conferences.

Massimo Ghislandi, Global Marketing Initiatives Manager, SDL Trados

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